How we work

1 -

We’re all ears

We really need to know and understand you. The more we’re aware of your stakes and needs, the more we can create an accurate strategy

That’s why we can use different techniques to understand your activities and, of course, your desires. For example we can make interviews, discussions, workshops or benchmark.
From there we can build a communication strategy tailored to your business, your customers and prospects.

2 -

Design adapted tactics

A good communication is creative, differentiating and under control.

This means that each communication action is integrated in a wider plan. You know exactly what you are telling people, when, and why.

To have this kind of visibility you need a battle plan. For instance, this can take the form of a communication plan.

A communication plan is a road map with milestones. You find here all the messages you want to provide to your different audiences. Moreover, you will have an overview of the different communication channels you will use.

3 -

ONE contact interacting with all communication actors

For the creation of all your communication media, printed or digital.
We work directly with every experts in communication – from the copywriter to the community manager, graphic designers and printers.
We adapt to your own internal resources:

  • Firstly, by fulfilling a missing function within your Marketing & Communication department,
  • Secondly, by providing a complete service if you do not have a communication role within your company.
4 -

Measure the impact of your communication

Communication actions mean budget.
That’s why you need to be sure that you don’t spend your money on irrelevant actions. We help you to set up metrics that meet your satisfaction criteria. Then we can create dashboards that will provide you with concrete information and help improve communication.

Our expertise